Free crochet pattern

Three fast, easy and free patterns. Part two: the sandbox coaster.

This is the second part of the series of three free crochet patterns that are good for the absolute crochet beginner. If you thought the first pattern was easy, well that’s because you haven’t seen this one. Continue reading and find out why.

The Sandbox Coaster is more than easy.

If you were looking for a super mega easy pattern to teach your kids (or even the elder) the best pattern you can ever find is this. The Sandbox Coaster is a completely customizable pattern to teach those who might feel afraid of start a crochet project. You can pick up the yarn of your choice and also the size of your coaster. So, call your crochet student and start creating something he or her can be proud of.


1 skein of any cotton yarn of your choice, I used Hilaza Mercerizada La Abuela number 6, (thicker than regular crochet thread 10, maybe like baby yarn) by Hilos Omega (I used this because I had a small skein in my stash (scrap yarn). It can be a thicker yarn, don’t worry about it, it’s your choice. Use what it’s available for you.

One crochet hook, in my case I choose a 1.65 mm / 7 steel hook. Pick a crochet hook according to the yarn you want to use. The size indicated in the yarn label is a good alternative.

One cup, glass or measuring tape to measure your coaster; my coaster measures 11 cm (4.5″) on each side without the fringe.

A darning needle and scissors.

This is the easiest pattern ever!

Pattern notes:

The starting chain count as one stitch. The stitch is the double crochet stitch with the difference that you need to insert your hook between two stitches of the previous row. The gauge here is not important. The pattern is written in american terms.


  • Ch: chain.
  • Dc: double crochet (yarn over, insert your hook in the indicated stitch, pull a loop, yarn over and pass it through two loops, yarn over and pass it through the last two loops on your hook).


  1. Make a ch that measures 11 cm (4.5″). Dc in the third chain from the hook. Dc until the last ch, turn your work.
  2. 3 ch, dc in the space between stitches of the previous row. Continue making dc’s until there is only one stitch left (that is the starting ch of the last row), dc in the 3rd ch, turn.
  3. Repeat row 2 until your work measure 11 cm (4.5″). Cut your yarn leaving a long yarn tail and wave in ends.

Now it’s time to decorate your coaster, let’s add a little fringe in a contrasting color. And that’s it! Now you have a nice coaster to put your favorite mug on top, made with your own hands. I bet it will be very useful to have it in your office desk.

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