Knitting and crocheting

Too many UFOs in your closet?

Yes, every crocheter or knitter has heard about the UFOs and we know those aren’t the flying saucers 🛸 that come from outer space…

An ufo is the abbreviation of the phrase “unfinished objects” that many people keep in a forgotten drawer or in a box inside our closet.

Two crochet UFOs…

We are passionate about our hobby and many of us love those beautiful patterns we find in the internet and printed in our local yarn store. But, you buy all the yarn you need to make that beautiful shawl start it, and for one reason or another we leave that beautiful project and never work on it again. And that scene repeat again and again. Why and what to do with our UFOs?

The reasons to this question is, in my opinion very different. For some crafters is the lack of motivation. Sometimes our enthusiasm is like the foam in a washing machine, it grows and grows and suddenly there’s no more bubbles. We don’t think honestly if we really like and if we are going to use that crocheted piece. Let’s suppose that sweater is made with an absolutely gorgeous wool bulky yarn… and I live in Florida, am I going to wear that super warm sweater some time? The most possibly answer is not. We can give it to a friend or your aunt or even a charity. But that is too much work and money spent on something I’ll never use.

A forgotten sock 🧦

Other reason why we have too many UFOs is because we lack the skills needed to complete the work and feel frustrated by all the stitches we cannot make properly. Many people can get over those things looking for help with the designer or other crafters, but some other throw those needles and yarn in that drawer and start an easier project. To avoid that read your pattern very well before you run to buy the yarn, be sure if you have those skills and if so, buy the yarn and start your work.

The other reason is that you feel depressed. Depression is something serious and need attention, especially if it makes you leave those things that you loved before. Look for advice and professional help. I’m sure you can feel better and enjoy your favorite hobby really again. Just take your time, don’t hurry the healing process.

Knitting again a forgotten tee 👕

The last but not the least, too many projects at the same time and very few time. You don’t need to have all those simultaneous projects. It could drive you crazy because knitting or crocheting is not the only thing we have to do in our everyday life. We have a a home to take care, a family and a job. Those things needs your attention every day and we can’t postpone that. First take care of your home, family and or job and then you can have fun with your favorite yarn and that beautiful.

So, what’s your opinion on this subject? Do you have too many UFOs in your closet? I’m curious about your thoughts. I have some UFOs too but I made myself a promise, to finish them and honestly try not to have them anymore. 😉 See you soon!


Ninoska ❤️

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