Free amigurumi pattern

Dalgona Coffee: the drink and the amigurumi.

I’m a coffee lover and definitely enjoy crocheting too. But when I discovered dalgona coffee images in the web I knew that I had to try this coffee recipe but also I wanted to create an amigurumi.

If you like my pattern 😍 and want to support my work, please, I ask you to help me reach my goals 🙏 and Buy me a coffee. Thank you in advance! I really appreciate your generosity. ❤️

The first time when I saw dalgona coffee was at the beginning of the pandemia. It was a big trend in YouTube and Tik tok and supposedly started in Korea. The idea to drink a hot cup of coffee ☕ with such a beautiful whipped top made me wonder if I could prepare it at home.

So I grabbed a few ingredients and after watching a couple of videos I made one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever tried. Just equal parts (2 tablespoons) of instant coffee, sugar and very hot water, mixed together with an electric mixer, I put that cream on top of a cup of milk and that’s it! You have something that looks and tastes great and here’s the result. It’s not the best dalgona coffee photo but it’s mine.

Dalgona coffee.

I enjoyed so much that coffee and the way it looks that I said I need to create a dalgona coffee amigurumi. But it wasn’t until this week that I decided to share the result of this small crochet adventure.

My dalgona coffee amigurumi.

I shared the pattern in my Ravelry store and you can download your own copy totally free. It’s really easy to crochet it. You just need some scrap white and brown yarn, a pair of safety eyes and your favorite crochet hook.

Make one dalgona coffee amigurumi for that coffee lover you know and you will see a big smile in his or her face.

That’s it! Share one cup of cuteness and stay tuned for the next post.


Ninoska ❤️

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