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Amigurumi, three alternatives to safety eyes.

We all know that safety eyes are the best way to add eyes to our amigurumi. But there are times when we can’t use them. What can we do? Here I give you three different options to choose from and give that important feature to the face of your amigurumi.

First option: the magic ring.

This is the way I add the eyes to the most of my amigurumi. It’s easy and can be used any time. All you need is a skein of light fingering black yarn, use any fiber you prefer. My yarn is a blend of acrylic and nylon and I bought it years ago, so it’s not expensive and you can make a lot of eyes with it. The other thing you need is a steel crochet hook size 1.5 mm. Yes, it’s a very small size to work with but once you get used to it you will use it for other kinds of projects too. This is how I make them.

1.- Make a magic ring. For the purpose of this tutorial I’m using green yarn but you use black.

2.- Then make six single crochet in the magic ring.

3.- Pull the yarn tail and close the magic ring.

4.- Make a single crochet in the next stitch, and then cut the yarn and leave a long yarn tail. You will use this yarn tail to sew it on your amigurumi face. That’s all.

Second option: the french knot.

There are some great crocheters that embroider the eyes of their amigurumis with the best quality and ability. They are crochet and embroidery artists. For the most of us that embroidery skill level exists only in our dreams… But there is an embroider stitch called french knot and is very easy to make and is very useful not only for small amigurumi eyes but also for other details you may want to add to your project. Here is a small photo tutorial. If I can make it, you can make it too!

You just need black light worsted weight yarn or black embroidery floss and a needle. For the purpose of this tutorial I’m using brown yarn.

1.- Thread a needle and insert it from the back to the front (right side) of your project.

2.- Wrap your needle with the yarn two or three times.

3.- Insert your needle back to the wrong side again but keep a finger on it so you don’t loose those wraps. You’re done. It will look like a small rounded knot.

Third option: the classic black buttons.

This option is the easiest of the three because all you need is a pair of small black buttons and black sewing thread and needle. They are easy to find, very economical and you can pick from a wide variety of sizes.

I have used the black buttons a lot in the past and I always feel satisfied with the result. Give it a try!

Try one of these three methods for adding eyes to your amigurumi whenever you need it doesn’t have safety eyes at hand and you are in a hurry. I hope you like it and find it useful, you’ll never know when you will need it. See you soon and stay tuned for new posts.


Ninoska ❤️

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