Welcome to amigurumay 2021!

If you are an amigurumist and don’t know what is amigurumay 2021 then you need to read this note and get addicted to amigurumis!

My entries for amigurumay 2021.

Amigurumay 2021 is the new crocheting challenge for all of us, amigurumi lovers from all over the world, to show the amazing crocheted dolls we have worked on according to a daily prompt. Amigurumay was created by the very talented amigurumi creator Ilaria of Airali Design and this is the third year in a row we can enjoy amigurumay!

Airali makes a daily prompt for every day of May and you can share your favorite amigurumi on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags for that day. Just look for #amigurumay and #amigurumay2021 to see the wonderful work of great amigurumist. Eg, today’s prompt is “something yellow” and is definitely one of the most beautiful prompts of the month.

A narwhal, my post for the prompt “cotton or wool?”

You can check out all of the daily prompts in different languages in Airali Design her IG account. If you can’t participate every day , just post once, twice or all the times you can and want. The point here is having fun crocheting amigurumi and admiring other people’s work.

I admit that I didn’t realize that there was this challenge until this year. So this year won’t be my best but definitely I want to participate the next years. It’s a great way to be creative and know other crocheters. All I need is more planning ahead, that creative spark and my crochet hooks and yarn.

I’m preparing something special for this 20th the international bee day. Let’s see what happens…


Ninoska ❤️

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