Free amigurumi pattern

Morris The Cat, free amigurumi pattern

Today is the last day of Amigurumay and to celebrate all the joy, happiness and new friends we have made this month I share this new free amigurumi pattern: Morris The Cat. 🐱 Read bellow for the details.

Morris the cat 😻

I made Morris the cat during amigurumay, that beautiful crochet challenge for any amigurumist willing to show in instagram her / his creativity according to every day prompts. Morris appeared in one of my posts, with other amigurumis in the same group. I think he was a cute one. If you want to check out my amigurumay posts and other work I’ve made click here to see them. Don’t forget to follow me and give me a like ❤️

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Morris 🐱is a small cat, you can hold it in your hand. But although the real Morris is a black cat (my fur baby), this is a colorful little kitty that you will enjoy crocheting. Now, let’s do it!

Pattern notes:

As usual, I made this amigurumi with a sport weight yarn but you can use any yarn that you prefer, just keep in mind that the size of the amigurumi may vary. I chose a 3.5 mm hook, if you can’t find it a 3.25 mm (D-3 USA) will be fine. Use a smaller size hook than the recommended by the yarn. Stuff your amigurumi as you go. The skill level of this pattern is easy, only basic crochet knowledge is needed and also how to make a magic ring. You just need a small amount of yarn, less than 50 grs. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of every round because we’re working in spiral rounds. One last thing, the number you see at the end of some rounds is the number of stitches you should have in that round.


  • St, sts: stitch, stitches.
  • Ch: chain.
  • Sc: single crochet.
  • Sl st: slipped stitch.
  • Inc: increase, two stitches made in the same st.
  • Dec: decrease, two stitches worked together.

Materials list:

  • Sport weight yarn, less than 50 grs. You can use a solid color or a variegated one.
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook, if you can’t find it use a 3.25 mm (D-3 USA) crochet hook.
  • Safety eyes, but if you want to try something different check this  post I wrote about different alternatives for the safety eyes.
  • Polyfill.
  • Black and pink embroidery floss.
  • Darning needle.
  • Scissors.


Arms and legs (make 4).

  1. 6 sc in a magic ring.
  2. Inc around (12).
  3. Sc around.
  4. (2 sc, inc) repeat to the end of the round (16).
  5. Sc around.
  6. Cut the yarn and weave in all the yarn ends. But pay attention to crochet the second leg because you need to continue working, so after finishing the second leg DO NOT CUT THE YARN.
  7. After you have done the second leg make 4 sc joining the two legs together. See the photo below. ⬇️
  8. Place the stitch marker here and start making sc around (24).
Join the two legs this way.

The body:

  1. Sc around (24).
  2. Repeat round one, 11 more times.
  3. Make one more round of sc but finish it one stitch before the last.
  4. Place the eyes on round 10.
  5. Embroider the nose with pink embroidery floss and the mouth and the cat’s whiskers with black.
  6. Stuff the legs and body if you haven’t already done it.
  7. Make 3 sl st joining the front and the back of the cat. Now you will have 9 sts on the left and 9 sts on the right side of the 3 sl sts you just made. See the photo below.

The ears:

  1. Join the yarn in the first stitch of the left side and make 9 sc.
  2. Remember to start working in the first sc you made. (Sc, dec) repeat to the end of the round. (6)
  3. Dec around (3). Cut the yarn and fasten off.
  4. Repeat rounds 1 to 3 for the second ear.

The arms:

At this point you should have already made the arms. Now you have to sew them between rounds 2 and 8 with 10 stitches appart. Stuff them as you go sewing them.

The tail:

Make 6 sc in a magic ring. Start crocheting sc’s around and when the tail measures 4.5 cm (2″ approx). Sew the tail in the back of the cat and fasten off.

Well now it’s done! You have a new cat at home that will bring you hours of joy. Love your cat and take good care of him. 🐱

See you next post…

Ninoska ❤️

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