Knitting and crocheting

Recover your crocheting mojo

Last month was as important for me as last may. But in the mean time I lost my crafting mojo. Here I talk about my experience and how I am working to get it back.

A simple project like a coffee sleeve can help you.

June was for me a month that will be part of of my history. First, I was ill with a misterious sickness that made me feel like I was having a flu. The doctor gave me medication for the flu and told me that I had to rest and stay at home 🏡 and if I was feeling worse I would have to go to the hospital to get tested for covid-19. Fortunately, it was just a bad flu but I spent two weeks sleeping almost all day. Wake up eat something light and then sleep again. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Didn’t crochet, knit or draw anything. I had no energy.

Then when I was feeling better (I lost 5 kgs) I got married. I was extra happy because I was living with my boyfriend 17 years in a row and now we officially are married. We spent a lot of time having fun, just the two of us. The pandemic did not allow us to make something bigger. But trust me we had a great time, we ate a lot and drank more. Just a couple of our closest friends were with us. And again, I didn’t want to crochet nothing. But I still felt extra tired. 😴

So, july arrived and now that I want to create something the muse hasn’t been good with me. Any ideas pop up and I started to worry and wonder how to recover my creative energy.

After asking my crafting sisters I thought that the best way to get back to the crafty mood was making a small and easy work that helps me to crochet new things again. My solution was a simple coffee sleeve. It was a perfect and very common pattern. Just 42 stitches joined together and repeated until the end of project. There are zillions of this pattern in YouTube and the internet. My choice was the half double crochet stitch with a crab stitch (reverse stitch) border. And if you wonder it was a variegated yarn (worsted weight) and my 3.5 mm crochet hook.

Was it easy? I have to be honest. Yes and no. Yes because it was one of the easiest and basic stitches in crochet. But it was difficult at the same time because I was still victim of that infinite fatigue that makes my every day life harder than usual. Trust me, I still just want to sleep or lay down all day but I’m forcing myself to exercise (I need to lose weight) and you know, clean up my home, cook, craft, spend time with my family and husband, etc. I think that if I spend more time inactive it will be bad for my health. Slowly, I’m feeling a bit better. Now I’m thinking about making an easy amigurumi… Let’s see what my muse says, see you next week with a new project

Ninoska ❤️

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