About me

Hi my name is Ninoska!

Hello, my name is Ninoska and I am a venezuelan living in Mexico. I learned to knit and crochet when I was 7 years old.

My mom and granny were my teachers in the fiber arts when I fell in love with the beautiful yarns they used to make those “difficult” stitches. Crocheting and knitting runs in my veins…

I’ve been an intermittent crafter for a long time. But when I moved to this beautiful country more than 15 years ago I started to crochet again and a short time after I had the pleasure to knit again for my husband and some friends.

Now crafting turned into my psychologist, my friend, my creative outlet and also my small business. Drawing, painting and cross stitch embroidery, and drinking lots of black coffee are my hobbies.


Thank you so much for knitting and crocheting with me and liking my patterns! I designed them with all my heart  especially for you!