Free amigurumi pattern

Morris The Cat, free amigurumi pattern

Today is the last day of Amigurumay and to celebrate all the joy, happiness and new friends we have made this month I share this new free amigurumi pattern: Morris The Cat. 馃惐 Read bellow for the details. Morris the cat 馃樆 I made Morris the cat during amigurumay, that beautiful crochet challenge for any… Continue reading Morris The Cat, free amigurumi pattern


Welcome to amigurumay 2021!

If you are an amigurumist and don't know what is amigurumay 2021 then you need to read this note and get addicted to amigurumis! My entries for amigurumay 2021. Amigurumay 2021 is the new crocheting challenge for all of us, amigurumi lovers from all over the world, to show the amazing crocheted dolls we have… Continue reading Welcome to amigurumay 2021!

Free amigurumi pattern

Lila The Lychee Amigurumi

Do you know what is a lychee? Have you ever tried it? Lychee is a small fruit from China with a light sweet and sour flavor, rich in vitamin c and calcium. Also, the lychee is a beautiful fruit, so why not make a lychee amigurumi? Come on, make your own lychee amigurumi, this pattern… Continue reading Lila The Lychee Amigurumi