Knitting and crocheting

Recover your crocheting mojo

Last month was as important for me as last may. But in the mean time I lost my crafting mojo. Here I talk about my experience and how I am working to get it back. A simple project like a coffee sleeve can help you. June was for me a month that will be part… Continue reading Recover your crocheting mojo

Free amigurumi pattern

Lila The Lychee Amigurumi

Do you know what is a lychee? Have you ever tried it? Lychee is a small fruit from China with a light sweet and sour flavor, rich in vitamin c and calcium. Also, the lychee is a beautiful fruit, so why not make a lychee amigurumi? Come on, make your own lychee amigurumi, this pattern… Continue reading Lila The Lychee Amigurumi

Crochet and knitting articles

Amigurumi, three alternatives to safety eyes.

We all know that safety eyes are the best way to add eyes to our amigurumi. But there are times when we can't use them. What can we do? Here I give you three different options to choose from and give that important feature to the face of your amigurumi. First option: the magic ring.… Continue reading Amigurumi, three alternatives to safety eyes.