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Free Amigurumi Pattern: Narutomaki 🍥

Do you know what is narutomaki? Well, more than the famous anime character, narutomaki or naruto 🍥 is part of the Japanese food. It is a kind of seasoned fish paste roll that some people like as a topping in ramen soup or soba. Also, narutomaki 🍥 is one of the cutest emoji you can… Continue reading Free Amigurumi Pattern: Narutomaki 🍥

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That Purple Hat

Don't you love when you wear something so beautiful and nice that the people around you turn their heads to stare at it? Well that's exactly what happened to me when I wear this beanie! That Purple Hat I love! 🤩 That Purple Hat is exactly that and much more. An easy to understand pattern… Continue reading That Purple Hat